Mr H L Saward

Station Master

Mr H L Saward


Station Master

Mr F A Jordon


Mr R B L Hodge

Station Master

Mr R B L Hodge


Wolferton Station

Station Master

Edmund Skillings



Bert Harrison



Gilbert Green



Jack Trundley


Station Clerk

Mary Benstead


Station Porter

Jim Crowe


Jack Barrett



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Station personnel


George Cox Porter / Signalman

George Cox





Signalman George Arthur Cox

Born 28th May 1903 Clapton Park London

Education Clapton Park

Signalman George Arthur Cox started as a lad and driver at Liverpool Street came to Wolferton in 1940 firstly as a porter then later became signalman in 1945.
Went on to become a guard working out of Kings Lynn, retired in 1968.

Mr Cox ‘Departed’ in 1990

Information supplied by his daughter
Eve Rawlings of Heacham 2009


Picture from the Richard Brown collection

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